Biomass Supply Chains
Recast Consulting leverages its knowledge of biomass supply chains to provide critical assessments and analysis. Recast can provide recommendations for design, planning, and scheduling of your supply chain to minimize variability and maximize predictability of volumes, quality, and costs.

Services include:
– Feedstock availability and cost analysis.
– Design of biomass supply chain.
– Planning and scheduling of biomass supply chain.

Bioenergy Crop Systems
Recast Consulting has first-hand experience in developing energy crops programs and can provide insight into the development and implementation of energy crop schemes.

Lignocellulosic species and herbaceous species both have pros and cons that should be evaluated for specific biomass project needs. Our multi-feedstock approach will minimize supply chain risks and provide your project with a more stable business model.

Biomass Fuel Studies (Crafting and Auditing)
Recast Consulting has a wide experience with biomass fuel studies, including many for past projects. Recast has also served as an external auditor for other projects.

Expertise in forestry residue supply chains plus energy crops (domestically and internationally) guarantee a solid, practical and grounded assessment.